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Best DJ Classes In Chennai Conceptualizing DJ Courses Easy & Creative DJ Training

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Best Dj Classes In Chennai

Dj Classes In Chennai

Want to learn how to DJ? We’re the No. 1 DJ academy in Chennai, with Dj training materials and DJ classes in English, Tamil, and Hindi. Easy and creative DJ classes. We are the best DJ academy in Chennai. We have the most advanced and effective DJ training course in Chennai.

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best dj classes in chennai

Want to learn how to DJ? We’re the No. 1 DJ academy in Chennai, with Dj training materials and DJ classes in English, Tamil, and Hindi. Easy and creative DJ classes


Dj Academy in Chennai will provide you with the best quality Dj Course in Chennai. So don’t miss this chance! Come to us and learn how to Dj. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. For any further information please contact us via email.

Wherever you are, whatever your level of experience, we can help you develop your skills. We know that the DJ industry is changing fast and it’s important to stay ahead of the game.

Learn to DJ in Chennai with our professional DJ classes. We teach you the skills that everyone needs to know and give you access to a studio to use as you practice.

If you’re looking for DJ classes in Chennai, we offer online and offline courses that will train you to become a DJ. DJ classes in Chennai to learn how to DJ. Learn the basics of DJing, advanced DJing, and mixing music at affordable Dj course fees in chennai.

Best DJ Courses In Chennai

dj course in chennai fees

Best DJ Academy in Chennai

Join The Best DJ Course In Chennai Today And Start Learning From The Best. Check Out Our Student’s Profiles. Many Have Established Themselves As Professional DJs In India

  • Innovative Dj training Classes Very Easy to understand Practice
  • Pioneer Pro DJ Industry Standard DJ Equipments

  • Proven Record Our Students are well known & famous

Dj Academy In Chennai Will Provide You With The Best Quality Dj Course In Chennai. So Don’t Miss This Chance! Come To Us And Learn How To Dj. We Offer Classes For Beginners, Intermediate And Advanced Levels. For Any Further Information Please Contact Us Via Email.

Dj Academy VALUES

Music is an art-form enjoyed by people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. In this course, you will learn how to arrange music, mix tracks and create your own DJ set. You will also learn about the history of DJing,

Since its inception in early 2012, DJ Academy has taught students of all ages and backgrounds, with students traveling to take classes from all over South India including Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and more.

In addition to teaching students at its main studio, Dj Academy provides a variety of event services for corporate and private clients. Scratch provides DJ booking, DJ instruction, and DJ entertainment for tours, special events, store openings, and much more.

DJ Academy’s goal is to lower the barrier to entry for those interested in DJ’ing and music production. Combining copy written curriculum, hands on training, and celebrity DJ instructors, Scratch DJ Academy offers an incredible opportunity for amateur and aspiring music enthusiasts to learn how to DJ, from mixing and blending to scratching and beat juggling. Scratch offers 6 and 10-week courses for every skill level from beginner to advanced. Scratch DJ Academy’s classes are half lecture and lab and provide students with the highest level of DJ and music production education.

Furthermore, Dj Academy aims to unify, legitimize, validate and extend the role and importance of the DJ into new arenas, by extracting the value of the DJ as an art, a hobby, and a profession, and constructively disseminating it to the public.

Our DJ School in Chennai has several club rooms from small to large, where students perform every month during the Dj Academy Clubnight.

Above is struck purposefully, never fall for such traps, many who are luring innocent kids by saying such fancy words and offering them fake job guarantees. If it was so easy then everybody would do it. it takes passion dedication and consistency to reach and sustain in any form of art or profession. There is no shortcut.

This is the value we value most by advising those who are really passionate and telling those who are into this due to other reasons like lifestyle, glitz n glamour.

We provide completely independent advice on equipment and offer students the opportunity to promote themselves through self-recorded mix sets on our website and Facebook. you can play unlimited using the latest Pioneer DJ gear.

All lessons of DJ School Chennai are given individually and completely according to efficient teaching methods. Our teachers are full-time DJs who, in addition to their work in the clubs, diligently reveal all the secrets of a top DJ during the DJ course to participants of all ages. Learning to turn goes a lot faster with this professional help.

The DJ training of DJ School Chennai consists of many aspects. Do you have a different DJ course in mind than you will find on our website? No problem, we are happy to create a tailor-made DJ course. Contact us by email or telephone.

Dj Courses For Beginners
Free DJ Courses In Chennai, Use Our Website To Learn How To Dj Online. Loads Of Dj Blog Articles And Videos Will Help You Learn How To DJ.

Don’t want to get bored with the music at your parties any longer? Then enroll in our DJ course in Chennai. Makes you the life of every party! Whether you are a DJ or an aspiring DJ that wants to explore the world of music, our music DJ course in Chennai is where you will find all of your answers.Our expert team of DJ instructors will teach you one-on-one how to DJ mix and master tunes like a true pro Disc jockey. We’ll make sure that every DJ lesson is fun and interactive so that you are never bored and always feel like you’re learning something new DJ Music Courses in Chennai

We receive many phone calls from parents who want their children as young as 6 years old to learn how to DJ.  Most children we taught were above 10 years of age who generally have a better understanding of music and are able to cope with the Dj classes easily.

Kids who are below ten but have already taken some music classes like the piano guitar or even vocal training can take Djing classes as they will already be having a sense of music and the time structure.

Make sure your child wants to learn Djing and has a passion for music.  

Dj Academy has taught kids as young as ten years old, all the way up to adults in their seventies and eighties, we want everyone to be able to enjoy this new form of creative expression.

Dj Academy has the latest pioneer pro-Dj Equipment. Our students don’t need to buy or carry anything with them.

We generally do not encourage students to buy equipment even before starting or right after joining the Dj course.

We teach them to understand and know different DJ Software and Dj equipment and then choose wisely what they like and prefer.

There is only one qualification which is a passion for music and if you don’t have that then the other way is to be dedicated and consistent about learning a Skill.

There are many Freelancer Dj’s Who do not have a passion for music but doing very good at Dj’ing because they learned the skills and dedicated their time to building Dj’ing as a Business

Our Basic Dj Course is aimed at Dj Students Who just want to learn some basic mixing skills in a short span of time of one month.

Our Dj Master Course is for those who want to take Dj’ing as a carrier to be a resident Dj or get into music production or even be a freelancer Dj and run a DJ business by Dj’ing in events and Pvt parties.

Our basic DJ Course Starts at Rs: 15,000 and our Dj master Course is Rs: 30,000 

We Do offer Discounts on festive seasons. Do Call us to know more 




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