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Dj Course in Chennai

Want to Learn How to Dj? We’re the No. 1 Dj Academy in Chennai, with Dj Training Materials and Dj Classes in English, Tamil, and Hindi. Easy and Creative Dj Classes. The Most Advanced and Effective Dj Training Course.

The Mission of the Dj Academy Is Simple: music Education and Access. Dj Academy Intends to Educate Beginners, Amateur DJs, and Enthusiasts by Providing Them with the Necessary Equipment and Copy Written Curriculum to Learn This Popular Art Form.

Furthermore, Dj Academy Aims to Unify, Legitimize, Validate and Extend the Role and Importance of the Dj into New Arenas, by Extracting the Value of the Dj as an Art, a Hobby and a Profession, and Constructively Disseminating It to the Public.

Dj Classes in Chennai

Dj Academy in Chennai Will Provide You with the Best Quality Dj Course in Chennai. So Don’t Miss This Chance! Come to Us and Learn How to Dj. We Offer Classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels..

for Any Further Information Please Contact Us Via Email. Wherever You Are, Whatever Your Level of Experience, We Can Help You Develop Your Skills. We Know That the Dj Industry Is Changing Fast and It’s Important to Stay Ahead of the Game.

Learn to Dj in Chennai with Our Professional Dj Classes. We Teach You the Skills That Everyone Needs to Know and Give You Access to a Studio to Use as You Practice. If You’re Looking for Dj training in Chennai, We Offer Online and Offline Courses That Will Train You to Become a Dj. Learn the Basics of Djing, Advanced Djing, and Mixing Music at Affordable Dj Course Fees in Chennai.

Why Choose Dj Academy?

Join The Best Dj school In Chennai Today And Start Learning From The Best. Check Out Our Student Profiles. Many Have Established Themselves As Professional DJs.

  • Innovative Dj Training – Simple & Easy Teaching Methods
  • Open 7 Days – From 10 am till 7 pm

  • Industry Standard Pioneer DJ Equipment For practice
  • Focus on Music Theory Building a Strong Musical Foundation 
  • learn DJ’ing Business Idea – DJ Equipments Support & Advice

Dj Academy In Chennai Will Provide You With The Best Quality Dj Training Classes. So Don’t Miss This Chance! JOIN DJ ACADEMY And Learn How To Dj. We Offer Classes For Kids, Beginners DJ courses, and Intermediate, Advanced Levels.

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DJ questions & answers Dj Course Details

There Is Only One Qualification Which Is Passion For Music And If You Don’t Have That Then The Other Way Is To Be Dedicated And Consistent in Learning A Skill.

There Are Many Freelancers DJs Who Do Not Have A Passion For Music But Doing Very Good At Dj’ing Because They Learned The Skills And Dedicated Their Time To Building Dj’ing As A Business And A Profession.

Regarding Cognitive Ability And Neurodevelopmental Outcomes, Several Studies Have Shown That Early Musical Training (Before Age 7) Yields Greater Cognitive And Motor Capabilities Compared To Later Musical Training. To Learn How To Dj 10 Plus Age Is What We Recommend.

Donald Watanabe, Tal Savion-Lemieux & Virginia B. Penhune

At Dj Academy, We Use Industry Standard Pioneer Pro Dj Gear For Dj Training. You Don’t Need To Buy Anything To Join Our Dj Course.

For Those who want to Learn on Their Own, Before buying any DJ Gear Make Sure you Start Mixing using DJ Software like VDJ, TRAKTOR, or any Similar DJ Software in your laptop or Desktop and once you are fine with Beat Mixing Then Buy the Very Basic Pioneer DJ Controllers Like DDJ 400 for rekordbox or Pioneer DDJ SB3 for Serato

Dj Course In Chennai Fees For Beginner DJ Course Starts At Rs: 15,000 Duration of 1 month  And Our Dj Master Course Is Rs: 30,000 Duration of 3 months.

We Do Offer Discounts On Festive Seasons. Do Call Us To Know More

No. Strictly No. We Do Not Entertain Such False Promises. Be Real

If It Was Easy Everybody Will Do It.

Beware of Such Fake DJ training Schools Luring Students with Such False promises.

You need to earn it and work hard for it.

Certified Dj is a MYTH, Even though We provide a Certificate for our DJ Master Course Which has no Value Just like all other So Called Certified DJ Courses Across the Globe Be it in the USA Or Africa has no Value and no Music Governing Body has ever associated with any Such Certified DJ Courses or DJ training schools.

A Certificate will never prove you as a GOOD DJ, Nor will you ever get any Job Based on that Certificate.

Many Portray DJ’ing as a Carrier just like Studying in Engineering College and getting a Placement in the Campus.

Welcome to the Virtual World  

It Is Always Subjective. If You Have A Passion For Music And The Discipline To Follow Your Dreams, You Can Be Successful In Any Field Of Profession. Don’t Just Take Other’s Word As Thinking It Is Going To Be Easy.

Most people like Music but only a selected few become creative and take it as a full-time Profession. How you see Dj As An Art, A Hobby And A Profession ? Think Again

Know the difference between a Hobby and a Profession and more than that know what you are good at and what you want to do with what you are Good at.

It Is Totally Up To You And What You Like And Wants To Be. There Are Plenty Of Opportunities But Only If You Are Skilled And Consistent, Being A DJ Is Different Than Making Yourself A Famous DJ, You Need To Work For It And It Takes Time.

Being a Good Talented DJ is just a Part of This DJ Business , these days you need to Promote yourself using social media friends and need to know pretty much every one in the clubbing scene in your locality to be known in the begining.

  • Dj / Producer – Mostly a Super Star Dj Produces Music and Performs Internationally
  • Club Resident Dj – Dj Having a Regular Job as a Dj in a Club. Some Local Djs Produce Music and a Guest Djs Play in Various Clubs and Dj Events Locally and Nationally
  • Mobile Dj – Dj Who Plays for Weddings Private Parties and Corporate Events. Some Do It Full-Time &  Some do Part-Time
  • Bedroom Dj – Who Plays for Himself Before Becoming a Dj

The real Djacademy is the one and only Best Dj training Academy in Chennai without any Doubt.  Custom DJ Course after reviewing Students and right from giving them proper guidance before the course and during the court sharing abundance of Knowledge and Experience. Don’t Just Take our Word for it.

Check our Alumni DJ students Page to know what DJ Academy’s Alumni are doing currently.




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